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Hillview Middle School

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Hillview Middle School Named California Honor Roll School for the 2016 School-Year!
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Principal's Message



At Hillview we are proud of the hard work our staff, teachers, and students have put into becoming a school with a clear focus. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping our students be ready for high school, ready for college, and ready for life! They fulfill this goal through conducting rigorous core classes and also through intervention classes designed to help students who need extra support. To help challenge our students, we have designed STEAM elective classes (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math).  In these classes, students are receiving experiences designed to lead them toward engaging in critical thinking and problem solving. They are a big hit with both our students and our parents!


Hillview is filled with students, who are extremely enthusiastic, high academic achievers, goal oriented, fun, and friendly. These qualities have helped our campus to have a warm and inviting learning landscape. In addition to our academic focus, we have many wonderful opportunities for fun and positive school spirit leading to the building of great memories.    

As Hillview Huskies, we guide our students towards being "PACK" leaders.  Each letter of "PACK" represents a quality which is necessary in order for us to be an academically successful school. 


 "P" represents being Prepared.  Each day students are to come ready to learn which includes bringing all the tools they need such as their homework.  We help them discover what they can do each evening to help ensure their success during each school day.

"A" represents having an Attitude of Respect - Students learn about what showing respect looks like, sounds like, and feels like as they interact with their peers, teachers, and school staff.  They also learn about how to take care of and have pride in our school grounds.  

"C" represents the attitude of realizing that they are Capable!  We encourage them to "run like they can win!" as they continue their academic journey. 

"K" represents Kindness and how showing kindness to all students is a key for meaningful friendships and a recipe for helping all students feel accepted and happy to be here.   A campus filled with kind students translates into a learning landscape where all can grow and succeed!

For those of you who are new to our school district or have little ones and want to know what is coming ahead, I invite you to call our office and schedule a time for you to come and take a tour of our school.  I'd love to have you experience a bit of our campus life here at Hillview!

Thank you for taking your time to visit our website and I hope that you are able to find and answer all the questions you might have about our fabulous school.  If not, please drop by or give us a call!  I count it a privilege to be here at Hillview and am looking forward to our most stellar year yet!



Mrs. Davio