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Principal's Message

July 1, 2018


Parents and Community members,

It is  great honor to have been selected as principal of Hillview Middle School. For the past 25 years I have been working with middle school students in the Whittier area. Through those years I have been able to gain a lot of experience that allows me to work with you all to help build on Hillview’s accomplishments. I know together we will continue to do wonderful things and make it a great place for kids.

As a site Administrator, I believe our campus should be alive with activities to keep kids actively engaged while being focused on learning. Middle school is a very special time in our kids lives. Our kids crave independence, need room to grow as individuals and yet want and need clear boundaries that they will inevitably push against. They need a community dedicated to their needs and focused on doing the most for them.

As Principal, I aspire to a school culture and educational program focused on student learning and development. We need to challenge all of our kids academically and help build them up socially. Families are under tremendous challenges today, and I seek to foster positive behavior, student and faculty teamwork, and cooperation in the school environment.

Together we will make the following commitment:

- We will not let students off the hook for failing to learn

- We will make students do what is necessary to succeed

- We will not give students the easy way out

- We will give students extra time and support

I believe in building strong working relationships with everyone involved in our school. I maintain an open door policy where everyone should feel able to address their concerns and ideas. You all should feel free to contact me at anytime you feel the need. We are all working together to provide a safe campus that is focused on learning. I am sure that together we will do wonderful things.



Andrew Alvidrez