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Hillview Middle School Named California Honor Roll School for the 2016 School-Year!
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Principal's Message

April 2, 2018


Welcome to Hillview Middle School!


These are exciting times to be a HUSKY at Hillview Middle School.  Our teachers, staff and parents are working hard to make sure you have a great rest of the school year.  Currently, we are reviewing the essential parts of being part of the HUSKY PACK (Prepared, Attitude, Capable, Kindness) at Hillview Middle school. These are important skills that will help our students be successful at Hillview and beyond.

We are proud to announce that Hillview had the highest Attendance for the months of January and February! A big THANK YOU to all students and parents that understand how critical it is to come to school each day. Let’s keep this up!


We are also PROUD to ANNOUNCE we have after school tutoring: THE SCHOLAR’S CLUB,  3 days per week until May.  Every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday,  your child can come to receive additional academic support.  Please have your child attend. (Add time) 2:45-3:45

At Hillview we are focused on raising student achievement and engagement to support all learners.  A few weeks ago our Language Arts teachers received specialized training using our recently adopted Language Arts Curriculum, Studysync.  The training assisted our teachers to access more of the important curriculum to fully support student achievement and engagement.  At the same time, our Social Studies teachers are examining a new curriculum and researching to find the best tools for our students! In our Science department, our teachers are receiving specialized training on the Next Generation Science Standards and this supports our students receiving the best instruction in their science classes.  Our Math department continues to examine our student’s data from the district benchmarks to continue the quest to support student achievement. In our Special Education department, some of our students are Brewing Independence every day by expanding their social skills and life skills by providing services to our staff every morning.  Finally, our HMS After-School Sports program continues to provide excellent opportunities to involve students in rewarding, well coached athletic activities.  

How is HIllview prepared for the coming challenges of the 21st Century?  We are very proud of our STEM lab!  If you have a chance, stop in and ask for a tour of our STEM lab. We are the ONLY MIDDLE SCHOOL to have the following programs: 3 VEX Robotics teams, Radio Controlled Car Design, MAKERSPACE, and a NEW SPECTRUM Professional LASER printer!  Currently, Hillview Middle School has one of the most comprehensive STEM lab in the area!  Our students are using very demanding technology in the classroom, and developing their critical thinking skills, communications skills and creativity to design, make and explore the world of all things STEM. This school year, our HMS students participated in their first Vex Robotics competition-a solid accomplishment for the East Whittier School District.

Our Music and Video Production classes are also challenging and engaging our HUSKY students to expand their critical thinking skills and their future. These classes are reinforcing their academics and creativity, which all students need to experience every day! The HMS music program will be performing outside of Whittier and our students are very excited.  In our Video production class, they are expanding their communication skills and critical thinking skills by creating powerful videos with positive messages for our students to discuss about bullying and kindness.  The work they are doing helps support our vision to have a safe school with a focus on applying the important essentials of the HUSKY PACK!


Our ASB students have done an exceptional job all year under the guidance of Amy Swanson.  We thank them for promoting the positive parts of HILLVIEW Middle School and we appreciate their hard work and dedication.  


Our HMS parents are always positive as they come to support our monthly student rewards, fundraisers and Scholastic book fair. HMS parents have a clear focus to support all students and the school as a whole.  We are fortunate and the teachers and administration thank you! Want to support HMS?  Contact the school and come on in!


Finally, have a great rest of the school year.  We will be focusing on the upcoming state assessments (CAASPP) and we know our students will rise to the challenge. Our school-wide Motto is PLUS 4. We are expecting every student to strive to improve their testing results by earning 4 more correct in Language Arts and Mathematics.  

Finally, we have been reviewing our SAFETY procedures and making sure we have the needed materials for any school emergencies.  We know that our parents want a safe campus for their child.


Thank you so much for your support and feel free to come to HMS for any needs!



David Herrera